Services Offered

Diagnostic Assessment:  Careful assessment is important in beginning treatment.  Evaluations typically last about 90-120 minutes.  You will be asked about current symptoms, past treatment, and your psychosocial history.  At the end of the evaluation, diagnoses and recommendations for treatment will be discussed.

Individual Therapy:  Therapy for OCD, anxiety, and related disorders is typically once a week.  CBT is the treatment of choice for anxiety and related disorders, and a specific version of CBT (Exposure and Response Prevention) is the treatment of choice for OCD.  These treatments have been well-validated by years of research.  Treatment sessions are generally 45-50 minutes, though longer sessions may scheduled as needed.   Although length of treatment depends on severity and compliance, average length of treatment is 10-20 sessions.  “Booster” sessions are also available for patients who have completed treatment but would like periodic check-ins to help maintain their gains.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment:  Some patients need more frequent sessions than standard outpatient treatment.  Intensive Outpatient Treatment is a good option.  Sessions are typically 90 minutes long and as frequent as five days a week.  This level of intensity usually lasts for three weeks and then sessions are reduced as patients improve.  Intensive Outpatient can be especially helpful for patients who have not benefitted from once-weekly CBT or patients experiencing an exacerbation in symptoms.  Availability may be seasonal, due to high volume during parts of the year.

One-Time Consultations:  If patients or providers are feeling stuck in treatment or uncertain about diagnosis, Dr. Wuyek can provide consultation.  This can be useful for diagnostic clarification or generating ideas about what to try next in treatment.

Professional Supervision:  Dr. Wuyek is committed to the dissemination of empirically supported treatments.  If professionals are interested in furthering their expertise or experience with CBT, supervision and consultation are available.